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We research the new technologies that can also be successfully integrated in Uzbekistan

Unmanned Technologies

Analysis and development of SW.

Renewable Power Generation

Study and analysis of the technologies


Study and integration of IoT.

Productive IT solutions for modern business ideas

Since 2017 we are engaged in the development of IT products that were not introduced in Uzbekistan before.


Single city network of free WiFi.


Category Calculation of fire safety.


Mailing at one click.

Study of UAVT technology

The unmanned aerial vehicle technology (UAVT) is classically “pushing” from the point of view of its use in the economics (eng. “disruptive technology” Clayton Christensen theory, 1995). The analysts of PricewaterhouseCoopers – the biggest audit company in the world have evaluated the potential of the commercial use of the UAVT equal to $127.3 billn in worldwide scale.

The role of the Software

The breakthrough comes when we start considering the data that UAVT can collect and analyze with the use of the software as the main product.

Complexity of the Technology

UAVT will modernize, but will remain mainly as simple transportation means for data collection, and the range of the software for them is only starting to develop.

Use of UAVT in Uzbekistan

We are researching the ways of using of the technology in civil and industrial construction, agriculture and safety provision spheres.

Free city WiFi


More than 20 000 people use our services of public Wi-Fi per month. We are the biggest supplier of the services of public Wi-Fi in the Tashkent city with the constantly increasing clients data base.

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Quant Fireproof

The software is proposed for organizations that are engaged in design of industrial and civil facilities. Quant allows to calculate the categories of the rooms, buildings and outdoor facility to determine the requirements of the fire safety.

Automatic calculation of criteria of explosion and fire safety.
Automatic development of the calculation results in convenient format for a customer (MS Word, PDF).
Renewable data base of properties of the individual substances.
Calculation of a participation factor of combustible gases and vapors of unheated highly flammable liquids in an explosion.

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